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Wholesale Baking

For over 30 years we have continued to provide the traditional of customized breads to the Metro Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts business, restaurants and hotels.

Our dedication to maintain the original production processes, our focus on healthy ingredients and creating custom baked goods for each customer, gives us the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with our wholesale customers.

Please call our Art Cabral at 508-822-7176 to request samples of any breads you are interested in. We would be pleased if you could arrange to visit our bakery to pick them up. This would allow us to give you a tour, show you our new location and bakery, and introduce you to some of our inspiring bakers. If you find it more convenient, we will be happy to bring the samples to you.

Whether you are a restaurant or hotel manager looking for that customized, special touch to your menu. Art’s Bakery can create anything fresh for you, delivering it daily or frozen so you have it on hand to serve your patrons. It’s our job to keep your menu fresh and one-of-a-kind!


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